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Aqua Avon has been providing high quality water treatment products. Aqua Avon is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. Our broad range of experience allows us to support and tailor various commercial and industrial water treatment applications to fit customer specific needs. Aqua Avon maintains a total commitment to the water quality treatment industry featuring quality products and a staff of experienced professionals.

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Water Treatment

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Residential Water Treatment

One of the most important aspects of our lives is our residential water.

Water Testing

A detailed water analysis is imperative to determine a water supply’s contaminants levels.

Commercial Markets

We supply custom tailored treatment programs for life’s water problems for your company or business.

Drinking Water System Provides High Quality Clean, Clear & Pure Water

Quality Equipment

We provide the best series of domestic water RO in affordable price. . With advanced protection to remove not only all disease causing bacteria, virus, protozoa & cysts but also the new age contaminants like heavy metal and harmful arsenic, mercury, lead, pesticides & other volatile organic chemicals.


APCRO’s focus is to provide healthcare result at an economical price. All its products are designed to suit varied needs of customers and for different types of end usage. The entire range of products is competitively priced to provide value for money and easy reachability. Its the best and the cheapest RO which keeps your family healthy.

Dealer Network

Our dealer gives highest value to our customers’ requirements and do everything possible to provide them complete satisfaction. We provide the best and near dealer which provide best services to all our customers .We are a aware,caring and high-principled provider of genuine service intensify customer experience at every point and fulfilling the needs effectively, fast and efficiently.